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After School Sports

Buena Park Middle School recognizes the importance and need to provide opportunities for students to participate in sports. Participation in sports offers many opportunities to develop as student role-models and leaders, both individually, and socially. Student athletes are able to participate in practices and competitions that provide opportunities for networking, communication, and leadership, which can transform their campus and communities.

Students will have an opportunity to try out for after school sports and be considered for a team. Practices will be held after school on days assigned by the coach, and competitions will be held against other middles schools in the surrounding communities. Students will need to follow the Athletic Code in order to be eligible for participation in sports. Students with any suspensions will not be allowed to attend any sports, dances, or extracurricular activities.

Athletic Code Student Athlete Eligibility to Participate in any After School Sports: 

  • Students must earn a Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or Higher
  • Students Athletes may not have any Ds or Fs in order to be eligible to participate in any games or practices.

Other criteria to be considered:

  • Have at least 90% attendance throughout the year.
  • Pass all classes with C (70%) or higher.
  • If grades fall below the eligibility requirement at any time, the student will lose the privilege to participate in sports.   

Behavior Requirements:

  • A student who has been suspended for a violation of the educational code may be deemed ineligible to participate in any athletic activities. 
  • A student who uses inappropriate language and unsportsmanlike conduct may be deemed ineligible to participate in any athletic activities.   


After School Sports include:

  • Flag football
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Track and field (Tentative)