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Dress Code

All students must adhere to the Buena Park Middle School Dress Code. 

The purpose of the school dress code is to provide students  with  guidelines that ensure safety and productivity during the school day.



  • Only BPMS logo beanies and caps or hats are allowed

  • BPMS logo beanies and caps or hats may not be worn indoors or during PE 

  • Exemptions are made for medical (with doctor’s note) or religious reasons 

  • Hoods or hoodies are NOT allowed


  • Must have sleeves, bare shoulders are not permitted

  • No tube or sheer tops are allowed; midriff must not be exposed

  • No oversized solid color shirts are allowed

  • No jerseys are allowed


  • No oversized pants are allowed

  • Must be proper size, fit securely, and fit at waist without belt

  • Underwear must not show and no “sagging” pants are allowed

  • No sleepwear is allowed

  • Tights are not allowed to be worn alone

  • Must not be ripped or torn exposing undergarments or skin above the knee


  • Shorts and skirts must reach past fingertips in length even with leggings underneath

  • Shorts must not be baggy or below the knee

  • Shorts must not overlap socks
  • Socks must not be higher than 2 inches above the ankle


  • Must be closed toe and closed heel

  • Shoes must be worn at all times; no slippers or slides are allowed

  • Soles or heels should not exceed 1 ½ inches 


  • Initial or large belt buckles are not allowed

  • Chains of any kind, spikes, or anything deemed unsafe is not allowed

  • Gloves are not allowed

  • No piercings that could endanger one’s safety is allowed


  • Should be neatly styled; no extreme styles and colors are allowed; eyes must be visible

  • Bandanas or Doo-rags are not allowed

Inappropriate Symbols

  • Inappropriate symbols on clothing are not allowed (e.g. Cookies, Gruntz, Marijuana Leaf, vapes) or anything promoting unsafe activities (e.g. drugs, alcohol, promiscuity, or violence)

  • Any item that the local police department considers gang attire is not permitted


The school reserves the right to regulate against upcoming fads or fashions that have a negative influence or may disrupt the learning environment. Interpretation and judgment in matters pertaining to dress and personal appearance are necessary. Students will be given the opportunity to change into loaners until the appropriate clothing from home is provided. In this area the Principal and/or Assistant Principals are the final and sole judge of what is or is not acceptable for an individual student.