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Visual & Performing Arts Courses

Art (Introduction)- Students learn to draw, paint, print, design & sculpt! Or build upon existing skills! Students will create in a variety of media using traditional art materials and some digital design. They will master the elements of art and the principles of design and participate in art shows, critiques and exhibits. Students will have opportunities to also create outdoors, interact with professional artists, and experience master works of art in a museum or gallery.

Art (Advanced)- Prerequisite (Art): Create a portfolio of original work and begin to develop your own personal style of art. Along with more advanced techniques of traditional drawing, painting, printing, and sculpture, students will build upon more advanced methods of digital design and also photography. Students will meet artists from various artistic fields and possibly have the experience of what it is like through a job shadowing visit. Students will display work at school and local venues.

Band (Introduction)- The Concert Band is a beginning band experience and is open to all students who want to play a woodwind or brass instrument in any grade or ability level. This experience allows time for fundamental and basic training, while still exposing the students to exciting concert band literature throughout the year. This ensemble performs at concerts, fundraising events and festivals throughout the year. Beginning Band is a very rewarding experience!

Band (Advanced)- Prerequisite (one year of playing an Instrument): The Advanced Band is a premier concert band experience made up of woodwind and brass players. The band performs exciting concert band literature throughout the year with a high level of focus on music fundamentals such as theory, ear training, and musicianship. This ensemble performs at concerts, fundraising events and festivals throughout the year. The Advanced Band is a very rewarding experience! 

Choir- Choir at Buena Park Middle School is an all-inclusive vocal ensemble with focuses on performance and fundamentals. This ensemble concentrates on ear training and vocal production while maintaining a high level of musicianship. The Choir performs at concerts, fundraising events, and festivals throughout the year. Join Choir and sing with us!

Orchestra- Students in this ensemble learn instrumental basics, including scales, rhythms, and group playing.Finger positioning, posture, and bow position are also essential, along with the basics of instrument care and sheet music. Students have the opportunity to collaborate with other musicians throughout the year.

Percussion- Prerequisite (participation in either Beginning or Advanced Band):  Winter Percussion is an indoor marching percussion activity performed in gyms and arenas and will rehearse after school beginning December thru April. This ensemble will compete in both local and out of town circuits and requires weekly after school rehearsals and occasional Saturday rehearsal commitments. Competitions are typically Friday nights.

Theater- This course is designed as an introduction to the world of theater. We explore all regions of theater and the different disciplines that go into making a show. Students will not only get an introduction to the people onstage acting but get a glimpse of the people working behind the scenes that make the show go on including costume and set design. We will also cover theater history and see the origins of this brilliant art form.

STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) Courses

Computer-Aided Design (CAD)- Students will be exposed to the basic concepts of three-dimensional modeling, design, modification, basic computing, and become familiar with the system hardware and software related to Rhino 7.  In addition to formal classroom lecture and demonstrations students will utilize CAD equipment to produce a 3-D printing of their designs.

Computer Science (Coding)- The coding course utilizes a hands-on individualized approach to programming. The TechSmart content is fully web-based, allowing students to develop their skills in writing and running code in Python. This coding program has been developed to create a career pathway to computer science programs offered at our local high schools, certificate programs, two-year colleges, and universities.

Femineer Program- Prerequisite/requirement (application & course may be repeated):  Interested in exploring STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and potential future careers?  BPMS has the honor to be one of fifty schools invited into Cal Poly Pomona’s FEMINEER PROGRAM. The Femineer program is designed for girls to develop and use skills that will be directly useful in high school and college courses in the STEM field. Explore various aspects of • Computer Programming • Engineering Design Process • Soldering Electronic Circuits •Teamwork/Collaboration/Creativity • Public Speaking. This ties in directly to Cal Poly Pomona’s ‘Learn by Doing’ philosophy. CURRICULUM INCLUDES: Project-based learning using: Creative Robotics, Wearable Technology, HTML Design, 3D printing, 3D laser printer design, Soldering, and more.

Ag Science/ Horticulture- Course is designed for students who are interested in our natural environment or simply would like to learn how to grow and care for plants. Students will learn a variety of horticulture skills including: plant classification, plant anatomy, nutrient requirements, growing media, plant propagation techniques, landscape design, landscape installation, irrigation installation, management practices for plant production and sales, scope of careers in the plant science field, as well as human impact and responsibility to our diverse natural world. All students in this course will be part of our Buena Park Middle School Future Farmers of America Chapter.

Robotics (Introduction)- This course is designed for students who are interested in a hands-on approach to the basic concepts of robotics. Emphasis of the course will be on programming, the engineering design process, construction of autonomous robots, and the application of robots in society. Students will work in groups and will be given challenges for teams to design, build, and program robots to achieve the set goal objectives. This program has been developed to create a career pathway to engineering and computer science programs offered at our local high schools and universities.

Robotics (Advanced)- Prerequisite (Robotics, Femineers, or Computer Science Coding): Students will continue to develop stronger programming skills and continue to grow in their mechanical engineering design skills. Students work in groups and are given challenges for teams to design, build, and program robots to achieve the set goal objectives. Students will be designing and free building robots to meet various challenges with the potential to participate in local robotic competitions. Students will continue investigating STEM careers related to robotics and programming. Students will also be introduced to soldering circuit boards, basic electronic circuits, 3D laser printer design, and 3D printing.

Culinary & Industrial Arts Courses

Culinary Arts (Introduction)- This is a year class for 7th and 8th graders interested in exploring the fundamentals of cooking. Students will develop basic knowledge and skills in food preparation as well as understand the benefits of proper nutrition. The class covers topics in safe food and equipment handling, measurements, terminology, reading & understanding recipes and principles of nutrition.

Culinary Arts (Advanced)- Prerequisite (Culinary Arts Introduction): This is a class for both 7th and 8th graders who enjoyed Culinary Arts and want to continue furthering their culinary skills. This class will begin with a brief review on kitchen basics in safety & sanitation as well as measurements. Students will further develop their skills in food preparation and explore various cuisines and its history from different parts of the world. This class covers topics in regional and international cuisines, recipe terminology advanced cooking techniques and consumer skills.

Woodshop- Students will focus mainly on safety using basic power tools like the drill press, bandsaw, scroll saw and more. Students will also learn how to use hand tools such as the hammer, the hand plane miter, the saw, sandpaper and measuring tools.

Language & Communication, College & Career Prep 

Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)- Designed for students who have a desire to go to college and are willing to work hard. AVID students participate in the AVID elective class during one period each day where they learn the skills that will help them be successful in school and in a future career. Students participate in team-building activities, join peer tutorial groups, learn about colleges and careers, visit universities, and more!  Consider applying to Buena Park Middle School’s AVID program. 

Journalism- Prerequisite (7th and 8th grade only- application required):  Students will learn basic newspaper design concepts of format and layout and begin to develop skill in the use of Adobe Photoshop and In Design which results in producing the school’s quarterly newspaper.

Spanish (Introduction and Conversation)- Students will be introduced to the language and culture of Spanish. Through listening, reading, speaking and writing (LSRW), students will experience the language via thematic units (classroom commands, greetings, numbers, days, months, weather, likes/dislikes, hobbies, physical description and personality traits, time, school subjects, and food).  Students will learn about different Spanish cultures.  Lastly, we will explore Spanish-speaking countries with an emphasis on how each one affects our world.

Spanish 1 for Non-Native Speakers (A-G college preparation course- Meets one year of “E” requirement)- Prerequisite (Introduction to Spanish or placement test):  Students will be introduced to the Spanish language and culture.  Listening, speaking, reading, and writing (LSRW) in the Spanish language will be emphasized. A deep dive into grammar including the conjugation of verbs and classifying noun gender to establish the foundation of sentence writing will be reviewed and practiced.  Spanish vocabulary acquisition will also take place through the thematic themes of each chapter.  After completing this course, students will be able to discuss personal topics, such as preferences, family, school, and descriptions through LSRW.  Cultural topics will be surveyed in greater depth which will include how the Latino community influences our everyday life here and throughout the world.

Spanish 1 for Native Speakers (A-G college preparation course- meets one of year of “E” requirement)- Prerequisite (Spanish One or placement test):  Students will continue to build their knowledge of Spanish via listening, speaking, reading and writing (LSRW).  Students will be taught in Spanish.. More complex grammar areas will be covered including the use of certain verbs and how/when to use them (depending on the situation).  Spanish vocabulary acquisition will continue through the thematic themes of each chapter.  During this course, students will move into the intermediate level of proficiency by expressing their own thoughts and interacting with others.  Latino-related cultural events, topics and trends will be examined in-depth.

Leadership- Prerequisite (8th grade only- application required):  Students promote school spirit and pride, encourage high-standards of scholarship and citizenship, and create positive relations among students, staff and community members. The Associated Student Body (ASB) focuses on leadership skills and standards of diversity & equity, self-awareness, citizenship, community building, group facilitation, project planning & implementation, goal setting, time management, interpersonal communication, working collaboratively, critical thinking and problem solving.  Leadership students develop the confidence desired to be responsible leaders, gain marketable skills and prepare for college. After school events will be required.

Yearbook- Prerequisite (8th grade only; application required):  Students will learn basic yearbook concepts of format, layout, and design and begin to develop skill in the use of Adobe Photoshop and In Design which results in producing the school yearbook.

Study Skills- This class is designed to help students understand assignments and expectations within core academic areas, complete homework tasks, develop organization/focus strategies, practice positive work habits, strengthen areas of need, and work toward goals that support individualized growth in academics, behavioral, organizational, and social skill areas.  Students are encouraged to be accountable for their schoolwork and behavior choices as they prepare for high school.  Self-control strategies, self-regulation, and self-determination are supported as students develop self-esteem through sincere work and effort.  Students are able to ask questions, clarify assignments, and get assistance in order to meet the academic, behavioral, organizational, and social demands of middle school. 

*Electives are subject to change based on availability