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Buena Park Middle School Librarian:Irma Alonzo

Textbooks Students are loaned textbooks free of charge.  If a student loses a book, a charge slip will be issued.  The lost book should be paid for at that time so that a replacement book can be issued.  Students will receive a receipt at that time.  Save this receipt.  If the book is found later, the receipt must be presented in order to receive a refund.

Digital Devices

Every student is issued an iPad, charging cord and brick at the beginning of the year.  It is expected that students bring a fully charged iPad to school each day so they may fully engage in the learning.  Students are responsible for all damages to their iPad.

Replacement Costs for iPads and iPad Components for Students

Prices for items:
Brick ($19.00) & Cord ($22.00) 
iPad $538.00
Case $107.00


**iPad 7th and 8th Generation Devices repairs are not available or accepted. The District or school will not replace any damaged iPad. Any charges for iPad replacement will be for the full price of the iPad ($431.00).

Student Identification Cards

To increase the security of all students on campus every student is required to wear a lanyard & school-issued identification card.  Ensuring the safety and security for all students & staff is our top priority each and every day.

Student Identification Cards will be provided to every student with a lanyard and ID holder. A student’s ID card authorizes a student to be on campus.

Replacement Costs for for Student Identification Card and Accessories

Prices for items:
Identification Card ($5.00) 
Lanyard (additional cost)
Case (additional cost)


Student walking through library